The mission of Millwood Elementary School is to empower students to achieve academic excellence and become responsible, respectful citizens. To achieve this mission, we will provide a challenging and diverse educational foundation in a safe and nurturing environment.


  1. The education of the young child is the foundation for future learning.
  2. A parent‘s active involvement in providing physical, emotional and academic support is crucial to successful learning.
  3. The school and community share responsibility for the emotional and physical safety of its children.
  4. Educators, as professionals, merit respect and support as they nurture the development of skills for students becoming productive citizens in today‘s world.
  5. All students can learn and have the responsibility to actively participate in the learning process.
  6. Children need to experience success and be aware of their inherent self-worth.
  7. A respect of self and others is vital for life-long success.
  8. Self-discipline fosters social development as well as educational growth.
  9. All student behaviors result in consequences.
  10. Maintaining an aesthetically rich environment stimulates learning.


All students at Millwood Elementary School will receive the respect, encouragement and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be successful, contributing members of a global society.


Millwood Elementary School is accredited by the State Department of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. These accreditations support high education standards.


Today I will do my best to be the best.
I will listen.
I will follow directions.
I will be honest.
I will respect the rights of others.
I can learn.
I will learn.
I know it is all up to me.